Are you a property investor looking for your next project? Have you earmarked the North East as somewhere you want to buy and develop a property to sell or rent out? Perhaps you are a new landlord exploring the idea of property investment? Whatever the need, we can help.

We offer services to property investors where we source a property, arrange any necessary refurbishment and then sell or let the property, all at a profit for the investor.

It is crucial that you can rely on an estate agent to handle the sourcing and sale or rent or a property after such a significant investment. We have up to date knowledge and understanding of the local marketing and properties, ensuring we can offer you the very best advice on which areas are in high demand.

As estate agents, we are also experts in the sale or property and can ensure that your property is on the market at the right price at the right time to maximise the return on your asset.

So if you are looking to invest in a property in the area, here is why we are the perfect agency to work with:

  • We source the property
  • We complete any renovation work
  • We manage the buying and selling of the property
  • You make the money